I work, I study, I write. Sit for it… I work out!

My phone had my friend Dan on the “blacklist” until I understood what it was for.

I am still American, though I am also Australian, and now everything’s half-assed.

I found out computers are really, really, boring. I decided to go back to writing but now need to remember all those pretty words I used to use.

You can find me on Live/MSN Messenger as twombombadil@hotmail.com, if you like. If you’re family you’ll have to.


Here are photos of Jack and everything. I think his mother’s in there too, though (yuck).

I am migrating the ancient family albums from Facebook because I find it annoying, the domain of short-attention span people, and it’s like reality TV. Hideous.

For those who don’t know me, I will make anything a jest, including myself, and I get along with Jack’s mom just fine.


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